CorrlManager is a novel and ingeniously designed tool that demystifies corrosion and asset integrity problems in a facility.

With easy to use and methodical steps, your equipment or asset is devolved into basic elements (threat, barrier, etc) thus allowing for optimized and practical solutions to obvious and hidden problems. CorrIManager is managed by either employer teams or our inhouse experts and consultants, proferring practical solutions 24/7. CorrlManager is ML driven and continuously improved using data from numerous facilities.


Automated Integrity Reports (Quarterly and Annually)

Customized Corrosion Specialist support (over 120yrs team experience)

Free facility survey / tool
Trials and Training

Equipment Specific Assessments and recommendations

Free facility setup

Digitized action tracker and real-time updates

Superior Database Security

  • Pipeline Integrity Assessment
  • Vessel and Piping Integrity Assessment
  • Facility Integrity Assessment
  • Hull Integrity Assessment

Support the following applications: IOW Field Manager (IFM), Chemical Injection System Optimizer(CISO), Predictive Value Degradation Model (PVDM), Predictive Asset Life Extension Manager(PALE)

Meet our team


Principal Asset Integrity Consultant


GM, Operations


“The CorrIManager tool is incredible. I will no longer have to use a worksheet and my data is preserved long-term”

— Dayo of MAO

“Such an elegantly designed tool has allowed me take control of the corrosion threats in my plant, save cost on maintenance and repairs and routinely reminds me of pending tasks and actions . It is an invaluable tool.”

— Femi

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