About Us

We are a specialist Asset Integrity and Corrosion Management company with vast experience in Oil & Gas, Power, Renewables, Manufacturing, Perochemicals and Construction. Our clients can attest to the quality and competence we demonstrate on every job. As a team, we provide corrosion control recommendations on various types of structures including but not limited to Water / Wastewater storage tanks and pipelines; oil/gas pipelines and ASTs, refineries process piping. With over 80 years total experience working with partners globally, we are a force to be reckoned with in the integrity space.

We stay ahead of the curve via continuous research and experiments some of which have birth the C&I Manager tool. As always, we provide innovative solutions to numerous problems such as aging infrastructure problems, design, fitness for service , failure analysis, field investigation, corrosion risk assessment, corrosion engineering, cathodic protection and materials selection and construction services.

Our corrosion management group evaluates the probability of a failure on a pipeline system and storage tanks, and the consequences of such a failure, including: risk assessment, integrity assessment, risk mitigation, and provides cost saving solutions.

Our unique feature – No capital payment until your problem is solved!!!

Process & Integrity Solution Design (PalSD) is the owner of C&I Manager. We operate in the USA and operated and multiple locations including Nigeria and Ghana. Send us an email (businessdevelopment@processintegrityds.com) or fill out the online form on the Contact page, we will get back to you in 24 hours!


• Oil and Gas

• Petrochemical

• Manufacturing

• Power n Renewables

Values & Benefits

• Cost Saving

Our detailed assessments per equipment result in significant optimization of your existing inspection programs whilst unearthing hitherto..hidden opportunities. Thus resulting in massive cost savings... Guaranteed!

• ML Predictive Integrity Management

Almost all integrity management occurring in the industry today is reactive largely due to the absence of data and more importantly, limited competence required to predict static equipment degradation. We offer a delicate blend of technology deployment, machine learning and human expertise to help you stay ahead of failures.

• RBI Damage Mechanism & POF Support

Most RBI assessments lack one key element - robust damage mechanism review and assessment. Gaps in this area result in erroneous inspection intervals and missed cost Saving opportunities. We are on hand to solve this problem.

• Integrity Audit

Most companies are blind to their corrosion and integrity Grey areas. Failures occur and the follow on investigations don't do much to stop repeat failures. Our platform enables a robust audit of your facility with clear visibility of the process and outcomes.

• Bespoke Maintenance and Inspection Plans

It is easy to deploy generic inspection programs or utilize tools and technologies which work elsewhere but is not proven to work in your facility. The losses due to this strategy is immesurable but can be eliminated using the CandI app to develop robust and bespoke plans.

• Corrosion Management

The focus for most concerns is largely on inspection. However, since inspection is a reactive activity with occasional applications for proactive activities, a lot of value is lost when companies do not pay equal focus to corrosion management. Predictive Integrity Management is impossible without a robust corrosion management system.

• Integrity Operating Window

A static IOW written in a report or guide is of no use in a facility. Similarly, operating windows as is commonly known only apply to process conditions. The CandI tool provides a dynamic IOW solution with a total focus on the integrity of static equipments. This ensures that all active degradation is monitored and controlled in a practical sense. It also enables Predictive corrosion management.

• Unit Equipment Survey

CandI enables focused integrity assessment on equipments such as valves. For such equipment, the easy fix is to carry out like for like replacements which still fail after a short while. A clear understanding of the failure mechanism and used of CandI ensures that a fit for service solution is ready as soon as its required rather than assume a like for like solution. A fit for service solution eliminates repeat failures and saves cost.